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Unique Girl's T-Shirt

Unique Girl's T-Shirt
Unique Girl's T-Shirt
Unique Girl's T-Shirt
Unique Girl's T-Shirt
Unique Girl's T-Shirt
Unique Girl's T-Shirt
Unique Girl's T-Shirt
Unique Girl's T-Shirt
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Unique Girl's T-Shirt
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Available Options

You can design this t-shirt yourself!

With the help of our online t-shirt designer, you can make your own. Design a custom t-shirt that no one else really has!

We make it with quality and durable material and pattern.
With our product, you don't have to worry about protruding, fading or cracking. We make durable and demanding T-shirts and we guarantee it!

If you would like to watch how working the custom t-shirt editor in video, click here!  (! Only Hungarian !)

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Unique designs and high quality materials!

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Product Features
Product redesignYes
Material100% Cotton
ColourOptional within the redesign program
Neck StyleNormal round neck
TailoringNormal, straight cut
AgeKid (4-12 yrs)
SizeOptional within the redesign program
QualityExcellent quality
Pattern properties
Material of the patternOptional (Stitched, Ironed, Printed)
DurabilityExtra durable
Feeling of touchDepends on sample material (Low, Medium, High)
Instruction Manual
WashabilityWashing at max 30 degrees. Machine washing is not recommended! Hand washing recommended.
DryingNormal hanging drying. Do not dry with drying machine!
IroningIf necessary, it can be ironed with a cloth and ironed at a moderate temperature with a slight pressure.
BleachingNot recommended
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